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Friday, May 6, 2011

Mobility scooter takes on plane

A Lincolshire plumber who built the world's fastest mobility scooter has pitted it against an aeroplane.

Colin Furze, 31, officially broke the world record with a remarkable speed of 71.59mph on the petrol-powered super scooter last year.

Now, after weeks of adjustments and fine tuning, he has pitched the powerful machine against a propeller plane.

"I decided to change the gear ratio to help the scooter accelerate faster and thought it would be fun to test out against a plane," he said.

"I was worried about how it would perform but amazingly it accelerated away from the starting line quicker than the plane and left it behind."

Mr Furze spent nearly three months and £400 converting his scooter, fitting it with a powerful 125cc motorbike engine beneath the seat, five gears and twin exhausts.

And remarkably the scooter managed to accelerate faster than a Robin DR400 single engine propeller aircraft when the pair were pitted against each other down a runway in Lincolnshire.

He added: "It accelerated away from the starting line quicker than the plane, but eventually the plane gained on me and by the time we were level it was taking off.

"The scooter did incredibly well on the runway. It was a bit twitchy when I was going at high speed and quite uncontrollable, but I managed not to crash.

"It was quite weird riding it with a plane alongside me. The runway had a few bumps but I managed to stay on."

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