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Friday, May 6, 2011

Guard dog gets titanium teeth

A prison guard dog has been fitted with titanium teeth in Australia after losing his real ones.

Axel, from Melbourne, is ready to sink his teeth into any would-be escapees after being fitted with the metal canine teeth.

They were fitted by veterinary dentist David Clarke after Axel shattered his teeth while biting into his bed board.

Dr Clarke said: "So much is spent on training working dogs that it ends up much cheaper to repair a dental problem than retire the dog.
"Prison dogs, police dogs, hunting, quarantine and customs dogs often suffer injuries in the course of their job."

While Axel's terrifying teeth are the result of an accident other dog owners are going to great lengths to ensure their pampered pooches have the perfect 'bite'.

Cosmetic dentistry is growing in popularity amongst dog owners - whether it is to repair a broken tooth or to ensure their show dogs have the whitest, straightest teeth possible.

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