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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Multi-Tasking Driver Bus-ted

Can a driver multi-task? Bus driver caught talking on one mobile, sending a text on another AND steering with his elbows

As if chatting away on a mobile while sending a text on another phone were not hard enough, this care-free Italian takes multitasking to a new level... by driving a bus at the same time.

If it were a competition, his actions - using his elbows to turn the steering wheel - may have entitled him to an award.

Instead the Roman, who was filmed taking passengers to the city's Ciampino Airport, was suspended for endangering tourists' lives. 

Risking lives: The driver, who was suspended, was secretly filmed using two phones while steering with elbows

During the video, traffic can be seen going down the road on the opposite side during this secretly-recorded two-minute clip.

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