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Friday, June 10, 2011

Man blamed attack on wolf bite

A US man arrested for attacking people and growling at police officers blamed his behaviour on being bitten by a wolf.

Thomas Stroup, 20, told sherriff's deputies in Lorain County, Ohio, that he went on the attack every time the moon came out.

Police had been called to a campground after receiving reports of a "very violent", out of control man, reports the local Chronicle-Telegram.

Stroup had drunk too much alcohol and was fighting with other campers and had kicked a dog cage, his friend told officers.

Deputies found Stroup passed out under a trailer that had its door open, revealing numerous knives, swords and edged weapons.

They tried to wake him up but he wouldn't open his eyes and would only growl at them, the police report said.

Stroup, who spoke with a thick Russian accent, slurred his words and had difficulty standing, it continued.

As he was taken to a police cruiser, he reported yelled at a deputy: "I'm going to kill your cousin, Keith!"

While en route to the Lorain County Jail, Stroup began apologising to deputies and said he had been scratched by a wolf and went on the attack whenever the moon came out.

Stroup, 20, of Sheffield Township was charged with underage drinking.

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