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Friday, June 10, 2011

Facebook tattoo was a hoax

A video of a woman having her Facebook friends tattooed on her arm has been unmasked as a hoax after it went viral.

The Dutch woman claimed to have created a permanent reminder of 152 Facebook friends and posted a video that got more than two million hits on YouTube.

But the bizarre stunt was revealed to be a fake after the supposed tattoo artist admitted it was just a temporary tattoo.

The woman, who uses the name Suzyj87, had posted: "After months of work I want to show you all my social Tattoo. Pretty amazing right? I'm really proud of it. Hope you like it too!

"Of course I gave it a lot of thought. These are not all my friends. Just the people I care most about. I got their permission and they were very proud to be on it.

"To me it represents who I am right now and the time we live in. And of course I love the looks of it."

Many YouTube users questioned whether Facebook friendships are as permanent as a tattoo.

"Congrats on a getting a fine piece done. Hopefully you remain friends with all those people in the long run," wrote one commenter.

The hoax was a marketing stunt for a website that makes personalised products decorated with the profile pictures of people's Facebook friends.

The site claims to be selling a Mini Cooper decorated with Facebook pictures, although it is not clear whether this is just the site's latest stunt.

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